Bust quote “Neither overtly pro- nor anti-firearms, “A Girl and a Gun” explores the many ambiguities, real and symbolic, surrounding gun ownership, even as its feminine focus entirely changes the terms of the debate. Czubek’s documentary excels at exploring contradictory facets of her subject.”
-Ronnie Scheib, VARIETY
“Shines light on a worthy subject… anyone who walks out not aching for a discussion wasn’t paying attention.”
-Maitland McDonagh, FILM JOURNAL
Three Stars! “Director Cathryne Czubek’s well-researched, incredibly lively chronicle of the way guns are marketed to, coveted by, and portrayed with women is a vital glimpse into a cultural phenomenon.” 
-Joe Neumaier, NY DAILY NEWS
“A unique angle on the gun control issue…’A Girl and a Gun’ visits everyone from soccer moms to victims of violence, many of whom find empowerment, safety and sometimes more than a bit of ambivalence in their gun ownership. Czubek has crafted a far more evenhanded film than Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling for Columbine,’ stirring much food for thought while still taking some comically surreal detours.”
-CITYARTS, Seattle
“The thoroughly entertaining, well-made film should lead to a healthy — and necessary — public debate on the subject of girls and guns.” -Jennifer Merin, WOMEN’S ENEWS
“Cathryne Czubek meets a wide variety of gun-owning women in her debut doc A Girl and a Gun, most of whom don’t fit the two or three stereotypes outsiders likely expect…some will challenge conventional wisdom; a couple have deeply affecting personal stories.” -HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
“A Girl and a Gun amounts to more than the sum of its parts, and that the subjects it raises still rattle around in my head during our current debates on guns…this doc gets at something crucial about American gun culture.”
“Nothing great is ever achieved without great effort, and her effort certainly deserved a great result. If I were all thumbs, I would give 10 thumbs-up for A Girl And A Gun.”
“Cathryne Czubek’s A Girl and A Gun is a powerful documentary that broadly surveys the incendiary topic of women and firearms in America. Czubek allows women to tell their own stories, the stories of the ways in which they navigate a world fraught with impossible rules, threats, and expectations.”
“A Girl & A Gun is a slow and deliberate, quick and witty, insightful and confounding work of art…timely and prescient, Czubek’s documentary may just be what the doctor ordered: a new approach to discussing gun culture in America — a stereoscopic examination of who owns guns, how they live with them and why they have them.”
-Lisa Rainwater, GALO  MAGAZINE
“An agenda-free gun doc? In A GIRL AND A GUN, Cathryne Czubek comes pretty close.”
-James Van Maanan, TRUST MOVIES
“Cathryne Czubek digs into an alternative history of firearms: women as gun owners, consumers, and critics. The documentary puts into focus the complicated relationship between gender, sexuality, power, and gun culture…and is a welcome reprieve from the usual cinematic depictions of gun use.”
“Rarely have any 75 minutes in a cinema felt so much like a several course meal….If you want a film that will do more than wash over you see this film. If you want to be forced to think about things see this film. If you just want to see a damn good film see A Girl And A Gun.”
“This is definitely one of the better films about guns I’ve seen in a while. Czubek’s even hand and wide scope has led to a fascinating conversation starter rather than something to argue over.”
(Rated 5 out of 5 Boobs!) “Documentaries on hot-button political issues can often be plodding and preachy, but A Girl and a Gun is a fast-paced, nuanced, and anything-but-soapbox-y exploration of why women lock and load.” 
“A Girl & a Gun doesn’t force an easy conclusion, but instead lays out evidence for the multiple sexual, political, and personal dynamics at play at the intersection of femininity and firearms.”
-J. Victoria Sanders, BITCH MAGAZINE