Director Cathryne Czubek was a guest on KPCC Southern California Public Radio to discuss the film and the topic of women and guns with host Barbara Bogaev. Listen to the interview here


Elizabeth Greenwood talks to Director Cathryne Czubek about her experience making A Girl and A Gun for The Hairpin. Check out the full interview here .

huffpost-live Director Cathryne Czubek was a guest on Huff Post Live to discuss gender relations and guns in AmericaCheck out the episode here.


Director Cathryne Czubek was invited on local ABC 7 Tampa to discuss women and guns. View the episode here.



Refinery 29′s Lexi Nisita takes a look at the gun debate through women’s eyes.Read this thought-provoking piece here. 


Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 2.02.07 PMKen Wells digs deep to find out how women relate to guns in the US. Read the article here.


Director Cathryne Czubek was interviewed for the Spanish station TVE for the special program on En Portada, “El Culto al Colt.Watch the full piece here.

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Arts Express: Prairie Miller invites Director Cathryne Czubek on her show to discuss why women pack heat. Listen here.

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El Paîs S MODA takes a look at the film and reflects on women and guns in media. Read the full article here.


huffpost-liveDirector Cathryne Czubek was a guest on Huff Post Live to discuss female gun ownership in America. Check out the episode here.


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Director Cathryne Czubek joins Mary Glenney of 88.5 FM Tampa to talk about women and guns. Listen to the episode here.