A Girl and A Gun has been embraced by theaters, schools, nonprofit organizations across the country. Thousands have already experienced in this powerful new examination of women’s and gun issues, and you can help continue the conversation by hosting your own screening.┬áThere are two options for hosting a screening in your own community and we provide everything you need to ensure it will be a success.

OPTION 1: Host a Screening at You Local Theater with TUGG

Tugg makes it easy to bring A Girl and A Gun to your local theater. GET STARTED by clicking the Tugg button. You buy your own ticket, tell all your friends and let Tugg handle the rest.

OPTION 2: Host a Community Screening at a location of your choice with COLLECTIVE EYE FILMS

If you’re interested in setting up your own community screening at an educational institution, museum, place of worship or other organization that meets the necessary technical requirements, you can purchase a rental license to screen the film. One-time licensing fees are priced according to the size of the proposed screening. Some restrictions apply.

*GET STARTED by clicking here to host a community screening with Collective Eye Films.Collective-Eye-Logo(white-text)